Winter Boots

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It was in December when I had to listen to his ravings about the need to buy the winter boots.

I told him that he should forget about boots because it is already too late — soon it will be 10th of March and the streets will be bone-dry and dusty under the harsh sun, last snow piles quietly melting away here and there.

Dirty white melting snow spreading some sensual moisture to the sun-dried March air.

And the women… you should see them on these latitudes at the beginning of March. Harsh sun, melting snow, sounds of dripping water, woman in the stockings again — a soul-wrenching time.

It is now March. His mistake about needing to buy winter boots is many-fold. He didn’t listen to me when it was time and foolishly clung to the laughable idea of winter boots. He also didn’t realize how fast time flies and that he should have noticed what I said. But his worst mistake is that even now he doesn’t grasp the concept of passing time. I bet he haven’t even noticed that it is March already.


Gindrinker 2016