Fat Chicks Are Beautiful

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I love fat women, yes I do.

A woman can be fat and beautiful – beautiful chunky women, short fat girls, beautiful plumpy girls, gorgeous fat women, pretty fat ladies, Rubenesque women. This article is not about skinny girls, it is about beautiful big girls.

When I’m talking about being fat I don’t promote obesity – no way! I am talking about healthy and lush women, like the Mother Nature intended the women to be. For our twisted western minds, it usually means “fat”. So be it.

I am dead serious when arguing that slightly overweight women are most beautiful kind there is – be a man and admit it! Fat and beautiful women are something you can rest your eye on – with all due respect, of course. And for all the gallant schoolboys – those beautiful chubby girls are a joy to but your arm around.

Where would our fine art be without some beautiful fat females? Next time when you are watching a renaissance paining in a gallery take notice how that big fat lady really makes the picture sing. If we’d be more tolerant and smart we’d be having more fat beauties around – on modern paintings as well. As it now is, western society tends to promote unhealthy thin junkie-look. Not cool.

If we lived in a better world it would be completely okay do have yourself a chubby girlfriend. Don’t discourage your cute fat girlfriend by forcing her to conform to a unhealthy thin-girl role-model. And please don’t pick on her for things she is eating. A woman needs her nutrients.

In our modern times you need to get an angry, unhealthily thin female to be an acceptable member of the society. Wish we had more of beautiful large women who are not ashamed of their body and don’t measure it against our upside-down standards.

Women can be pretty but fat! Western society has its norms set up the way that try to suppress all things natural in our lives. One of the things that is suppressed is the normalness of female body. We suppress the normalness of being a male too. Our life is like a big jigsaw puzzle that is put together in a completely wrong way. When you force one piece, then soon you will be forcing them all.

That is basically what’s going on within our society – mixing up all the ingredients in a wrong way: women need to be hungrily thing, males must be like females, angry heartless females acting out the supposed role of males and so on.

We could have pretty fat women everywhere if we could just change our mindset to the better. We could have some normality for a change. Is it an impossible proposition that a woman can be fat and beautiful? Of course, it is not.

Fat women are constantly rejected in our society. Big fat girls get into some awful limbo right in the school. From there follows a position always second to “more normal” girls. Fat girls are often ridiculed – and for what? For being normal in biological sense! What a world!

Fat women must make do with the leftover of males: at younger age, their lives are filled with boys who only want to take advantage of them, if even that. Later in life, they have to get by with second-rate, sometimes violent men, men who drink too much, and who seldom get to be anything more than simple laborers.

Those pretty fat girls and lush women get the trash-worthy men of the mankind, while big fat ladies can have the gentlest of the hearts womankind has to offer. Not all big women aren’t gentle, however. In fact they quite rarely are. Their gentleness is beat out of them minute-by-minute basis in their lives due to the crooked off-looks and general mistreatment by men who just have no balls to recognize a woman when they see one.

Some very fat women may overdo it in the weight department, though. Extremely fat women are not good looking and there is such thing as unhealthily obese, but this piece is not about that. It is about beautiful fat women.

There should be more attractive fat girls. There should be less prejudice and conforming to bad role-models. Fat but beautiful girls and women are the joy of life, if one has some artistic sensitivities or just a normal working hormone system. Latter is the key actually – are you a functioning male with healthy respect for all women, or are you a creature that on a daily basis considerers many ways to perform an equivalent of a blowjob to his superior for that new office chair. I bet that guy has a woman so skinny that hospitalization would be the best solution. But he doesn’t see it an she doesn’t realize it and they think that they are the cream of the earth for conforming to the rules of the game. Pfff!

Fat but pretty women embody the essence of life itself!

How come we are so afraid of beautiful fat women? Do pencil-thin females that weigh nothing look more harmless to us? Are the men actually afraid of all women and the ancient powers they wield? Is that why we need the females look unnatural – to try to erase their womanly essence?

Are you a real man or do you want to manifest your political correctness by attaching yourself to an always-hungry female specimen whose only good property is that her bodyweight fits to a scale created by some beta-males? Real men often prefer fat and pretty woman, you know!

Just give some recognition to those fat chicks and they grow up to be attractive women. Have some respect for our goddesses of Earth and grow a pair!


Gindrinker 2017