7 Days Without Food

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7 days, I’m going to do it! I will eat nothing for SEVEN days.

I never decided to go whole week without food, maybe couple of days, I thought. And what came out of it?

Seven days without food!

One day I came home from work and was especially pissed and frustrated about everything. All the same, all the time. Eat, work, sleep. Sleep, work, eat. Have sex with wife. Eat some more, work as a slave and sleep to get ready for ANOTHER day like this. I felt cornered.

What’s with that eating anyway?? You are kind of expected to eat – “for survival”, I hear you say. Naahhh. The hell with you! The hell with everything. I will take a break! I will take a break from eating. I will take a break from society I will take a break from what I’m expected to do – rub pudding to my face so I would be an obedient slave. SCREW RULES.

I just wanted to know how many days I would last without food while having reasonable comfort and quality of life. I never actually planned to go for 7 days without food. But I did.

Day 1

I ate my last meal Sunday evening at 10 PM. Nothing spectacular – same old nonsense. Some dried fish, some fruit; it wasn’t even a proper meal, more like a midnight snack. Then went to bed.

First feeling of peckishness emerged sometime after noon. Ordinary slight hunger. Completely ignored it. In the evening, on the other hand, I was quite hungry. Effect was mostly psychological, I guess. You know, being amongst the loving family, freezer full of food and you can’t have it… Well, no real problem. I said some crunchy words in the general address of the world and went to sleep.

Day 2

Things started to happen. I felt some slight-headedness at the office but stomach nagging was low to easily bearable. As hours went by, the light-headedness increased. It wasn’t particularly unpleasant feeling, but somewhat strange feeling nonetheless. It felt like a slight poisoning actually. For the first time I felt some physical weakness but nothing too serious.

When I arrived home, the first real wave of hunger emerged but went away in a couple of hours. It was probably my body’s reaction to familiar surroundings where food is always available and is expected to be consumed. What a pathetic Pavlov’s dog I am.

Hunger went away but some slight-headedness remained. In the evening I felt tired – not that I wanted to sleep, but I felt just somewhat exhausted. It wasn’t so much physiological but a feeling of complete pointlessness. My body and soul was tired. There was nothing more to do than to go to sleep. And I did.

Day 3

Wow! Things started to get very interesting! I woke up to get ready to go to work and to my big surprise – I felt great. I really mean it! Right from the waking up I felt great!
I was focused and ready! No light-headedness, no hunger, only pure clarity.

It was as if my body was now winding me up for ancient hunting activities, where I would bag that deer and eat it at my leisure in the evening next to a bonfire. My body was ready for action! Our savage-genes had once more kicked in!

Too bad, there’s no wild animals to hunt in our modern office-setting, so some of that biological setup went to waste. Modern man blew it again! Don’t get me wrong, I would never actually harm an animal.

Never mind, the clarity was real. I felt like I needed to exercise my body and did some push-ups.

I was serving time in an army once. In the basic training there I did literally, actually and however you might wish to put it, but I did tens of thousands of push-ups during that period. TENS OF THOUSANDS push-ups. Do you really think that after that kind of experience I would volunteer for a single push-up ever again in my life?

Well, at Day 3 of my seven day complete water-only fast I did bloody push-ups in our office after more than a decade of not a single one. What a madness… And… Later I went for an hour-long walk. And I’m not a guy who goes for walks just like that, mark my words.

Much of the Day 3 went in a warrior-like clarity and bodily well-being. Right after I arrived home I felt some hunger again. Pavlov’s dog had arrived and was salivating.

In the evening I had my first fantasy about eating something. Two previous days went by without single concrete thought about food. But now I actually imagined how nice it would be to take a sip from that inviting cherry-lemonade bottle so coolly standing there at the counter-top.

In the end there weren’t too much of that mental hallucinating about wanting to shove some particular food item in my mouth. Only a couple times, nothing serious.

Overall feeling: good
Hunger level: like your ordinary fat American who haven’t had food for three hours (I’m not very fat or an American).

Day 4

When I woke up, the feeling wasn’t great. I was kind of weak and most notably, hungry. Just plain old empty stomach feeling. I didn’t get to sleep for even 8 hours last night and that may have something to do with it. Sleeping is eating, they say.

I didn’t have any problems with getting to sleep last night, but just didn’t want to. The waves of powerfulness and clarity of Day 3 made the idea of going to bed unattractive. So I stayed up for longer than I should have.

Anyway, the hunger went away after a couple of hours but the clarity of the previous day of my self-inflicted water-only full-time hardcore fast just wasn’t there. Overall feeling in the morning: totally acceptable. If one has a flue one feels much worse than I did.

Everything was fine while I stayed at the office. No hunger, acceptable to good working capability.

After I arrived home I felt tired. Tiredness quickly grew to the feeling of exhaustion. I was extremely weak and went to lie down. Luckily, I managed to sleep for a couple of hours. After I woke up, everything was almost fine again but some feeling of weakness remained. There was a serious incident of dizziness, after I had been too quick to stand up from the sofa.

As the evening went on the hunger level was modest at worse. Only real problem was somewhat noticeable weakness but as long as I stayed put, it wasn’t a problem at all.
Conclusion: Day 4 was somewhat unimpressive in my marathon-fast.

Hunger level: quite low – not more than 3/10.

Day 5

Friday I didn’t went to the office. It had nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that I was apparently in a process of trying to starve myself to death. I simply had the day off from the overtime I did last week.

It would probably been easier at the office, because now I had to do some physical work at the garden – it was exactly the right time for it and could not be left for the next weekend.

Four full days without any kind of food should set me up just fine to do some backbreaking stuff in the garden. Still, there’s more sanity to that idea than in most of the nonsense humankind continuously seems able to come up with. We’ll see…

The morning was quite bad – I felt hungry and weak. Hunger went away in an hour but weakness remained. It was now clear that my body had gone to conserve the remaining energy sources as much as possible. Few morning hours were worst. Then I went outside to do some gardening as promised. It was very difficult. I felt really weak. Things got better after I decided to drink some mineral water. In the end, I worked for several hours, and as time passed, my strength began to return.

Second half of the Day 5 was completely normal as long as I took it easy on the physical side. My body had gone for waiting it out for if and when I would eat again. No strange wishes to do pushups today FFS.

5 days without any kind of food – put that on your pipe and smoke it!
Hunger level at the evening: very low to none.

Day 6

Six days of fasting, six days without any kind of food – woo-hoo!

This day was somewhat different from previous days of my water-only fast. All the days have contained some, or even strong variety during the day – some hours were difficult, and then some other hours were easy etc.

Day 6 has was very “common”. No waves of anything. Actually, this day was quite ordinary in every sense. Hunger level was modest, as if it would be on a totally ordinary day when your diner is few hours late. And no mental phases of any kind.

Only difference with my ordinary (no mad fasting for the sake of humankind) days was that my body felt quite weak. As long as there was no physical activity, I could not even notice that I haven’t eaten nothing for five full days. If I did attempt to do anything physical, however, the weakness was noticeable.

I tried to do some spring maintenance to my lawn mower – easy physical work in ordinary circumstances. But what happened is that in actuality I found myself doing a lot of sitting in a sunshine just looking at the lawn mower and thinking what I would do next… It was pleasant just to sit and relax, and take in some sunshine.

Day 7

Today was much like yesterday. No noticeable hunger and feeling was pretty normal – only when nothing too physical weren’t attempted. I did some light work outside and once, when getting up from a prone position, felt dizziness I’ve never felt before.

Just for a second I taught that I will pass out. My blood pressure was probably low, I guess. It has been quite high in my (previous?) life, so low blood pressure is an interesting, but I’m sure, a temporary change.

I decided to really hit the water today to be well hydrated before measuring the body weight, guess what, I could not do it.

All the days of my 7-days water-only fast have been very water-free, actually. The minute I started fasting I took a dislike to drinking water. In the previous six days, I have been drinking about 3 liters of water IN TOTAL. And today, 3 hours before my fast ends, I’ve managed to drink only 2 cups of water…

My theory is, that with the decreasing body fat there will be plenty of water released from the tissues – that’s why I haven’t had any serious interest in water.

Well, what the hell is wrong with that fasting stuff anyway?? No interest in water, no cravings for food??? I’ll be damned… The thought that I will begin to eat again in three hours actually repulses me. What a strange condition I’m in…

If you read this and don’t believe me then you need to realize that YOU are addicted to food. You stuff your face full of eating material every few hours and are basically slave to your stomach.

I will be a slave again, after I condition my body to eating again, but the fact is that my “haven’t eaten for seven day, but I’m not hungry” isn’t a pose in any sense. Especially last two days have been like that.

I do get weaker and weaker though – not eating isn’t obviously a sustainable proposition. Still, I’m kind of amused about how EASY those seven days without food have actually been. There were only couple of moments when I thought about food in any concrete manner – once I smelled a half-full pack of potato chips, but the smell proved to be a disappointment.

I’m kind of nervous about starting to eat again. There seems to be nothing that I particularly would want to eat. Again, a very strange situation…

Don’t worry I will start to eat again, and soon be a slave to my stomach, like you, and everybody else is… I’ll try a carbohydrate free menu for starters, later I will slip back, ever so slowly but surely, and be a full-fledged member of society again, eating ice cream and hamburgers.

‘Viva la society, viva la slavery, viva la life!


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